“The new Diplomacy was born, for this new motherland”

  • “Finally there is a diplomacy that reflects the richness and plurality, the diversity of our nation. The diplomatic representatives of Ecuador are painted in colors”, said President Rafael Correa, tonight, during an emotional appointment ceremony of 70 new diplomats and to the Ecuadorian Foreign Service

The ceremony took place at the Teatro Sucre, and was also attended by the Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño; Cabinet Ministers, Assembly Members, Governors, Mayors, Consuls and Ambassadors, as well as representatives from organizations and social movements, family and friends of the new diplomats.

During the program, the joy of the audience was reflected and a video was shown featuring several living testimonies of the families of the new Third Secretaries elected: 35 men and 35 women belonging to different peoples and nationalities, selected from approximately 613 contestants.

“That old country is running out, we are now witnessing this new country”, said the Head of State, while he watched proudly the diplomats: indigenous, Afro-Ecuadorians, montubios and mestizos.

He emphasized that the country’s representatives should be the best, “Our democracy must be full of excellence, it does not matter the last name, the lineage, or the color of the skin, it should be flawless in defending the Motherland”, he said.

For the President, this process marks a new milestone with fairness, transparency, and meritocracy. “Congratulations to these new officials, you began a life of service that the country will recognize or demand”, he reiterated.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration, Ricardo Patiño, said that now the path to stop being a mutilated Ministry of Foreign Affairs  has began, and now we can be complete, “it has been the breaking of racist, sexist and discriminatory precepts”, he said.

He recalled that the Constitution of Montecristi, approved by the Ecuadorian people has restored the dignity of the country to establish a multinational and intercultural state.

“Here is the result of a transparent competition, men and women trained with degrees of third and fourth level to undertake the future, breaking old patterns and prejudices. Never again should anyone change their name or identity to be part of the Ecuadorian Foreign Service,” said the Minister.

He reported that the 70 new diplomats will begin their specialized studies in a Master of the National Institute of Advanced Studies (IAEN).

Meanwhile, the Third Secretaries expressed their satisfaction with the process culminating in a historic possession. Among them, Cecilia Santillan, Third Secretary, said this act is not only special, but historic because for the first time you can access the diplomatic career.

Meanwhile, Ligia Utipiaj from the Shuar people, representing the new diplomats said Ecuador has regained its sovereignty and dignity. She thanked President Correa and Minister Patiño for encouraging the radical change in the foreign policy. “An Ecuador that complies with the Constitution has begun: multinational and intercultural”, he said.