States Parties to the American Convention on Human Rights support Ecuador’s proposal to strengthen the ISHR

  • The establishment of a new funding mechanism of the Inter- American Court of Human Rights, as well as the Universality and the Promotion of Rights and the consideration of all Special Rapporteurs are proposals that received support in the Conference of States Parties to the Pact of San Jose that participate for the first time in history after 44 years of being adopted by the American Convention on Human Rights, held at the meeting in Guayaquil.

“The First Conference of the States Parties to the American Convention on Human Rights has had a strong democratic development; we had a meeting of great importance for the future and especially for the Inter- American System of Human Rights (ISHR). There is full agreement of the representatives of each of the Governments present, on the need to protect and ensure the full observance of human rights in our countries, so in this first meeting the main coincidence is that we will work to strengthen the ISHR,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Integration, at the conclusion of the conclave.

“After this long and successful meeting, States Parties partners have reached a resolution that will be the basis on which our countries will attend the Extraordinary Assembly of the Organization of American States that will take place on March 22,” he said.

One of the outstanding achievements of the meeting has to do with funding. In that sense, we called all our countries as States Parties to take full responsibility for financing the system. Also, the voluntary contributions of cooperation for different organs including the Rapporteurs are neither conditioned nor addressed, and after going through a technical review.

Similarly, according to the principle of the indivisibility of human rights, agreed to propose that all rapporteurs are considered special and ensure funding for the complete fulfillment of each one of them.

Also requests that the Secretary General presents a detailed analysis of the operating costs of the ISHR organs.

The States Parties to the Convention stress the importance to balance between the rights and obligations of the States that are part of the OAS. Following this, they agree to promote positive incentives to secure the support of all Member States of the OAS to the Pact of San José. For this purpose agreed to appoint a delegation of Foreign Ministers of the States Parties to conduct direct negotiations with those States that are not party to the ACHR.

They also recommended that the American Commission on Human Rights should strengthen efforts to promote human rights through support to national systems.

In addition to this, consider the convenience of the headquarters of the American Commission on Human Rights’ located in a State Party to the American Convention on Human Rights.

Another resolution is to give continuity to convening of this Conference of States Parties to the American Convention on Human Rights, as a space for dialogue in this area.

Finally they commissioned Ecuador the necessary coordination to perform the next Conference of States Parties and the configuration of the delegation of Foreign Ministers for the purposes mentioned in the paragraph 1 of the Declaration.