Official News Release about encounter of Chancellors Patiño and Hague

  • This morning, September 27th, 2012, both foreign Ministers from Ecuador and United Kingdom, Ricardo Patiño and William Hague, had a meeting in New York with the purpose of moving forward in the resolution regarding the case of the Australian citizen Julian Assange, who at the present time is finds himself in asylum in the Embassy of Ecuador in London

Foreign Minister Patiño, declared in the meeting that from the moment that Ecuador granted diplomatic asylum to the Australian citizen, Julian Assange, he find himself un Ecuadorian jurisdiction, therefore, Ecuador is obligated to protect him, in virtue of Art. 41 of the Ecuadorian Political Constitution and of the international commitments acquired by the country, in terms of human resources.

Thus, both, the national legislation and the principles of international law set out the principle of non-refund the right not to be extradited when politically causes interfere.

“The granting of diplomatic asylum is a legal fact, which would allow British judicial authorities review the case at the light of this new evidence” pointed Patiño.

Both officials acknowledged the validity of the bilateral extradition treaty between Ecuador and the United Kingdom, of 1880. It must be pointed out that the article 8 of this treaty establish that will not be extradited, those that are trial required by the state (in this case Ecuador), are victims of persecution because of political opinions.

Chancellor Patiño remembered to his British counterpart that it has the United Kingdom delegacy that included the term “enjoy” asylum, which was embodied in the final redaction of article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

On the other hand, Ecuador’s Chancellor seemed very worried about a medical emergency that the asylee may present, and force him to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy installations in London.

Chancellor Hague committed himself to keep searching a diplomatic exit for this case; therefore, both Ministers agreed that a second meeting will be withheld.