New Embassy of Ecuador in Colombia is an example of brotherhood and commitment between the two countries

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño, inaugurated the new headquarters of the Ecuadorian Embassy  in Bogotá. “The environmental friendly building is a sign of the good relations between the two countries,” said the Chancellor.

The building designed with efficiency and warmth credits in customer service, friendly to the environment and the urban environment, accessible to persons with disabilities. Both the shape of the building as a whole and details of decoration (stone wall patterns on floors and glass) are inspired by pre-Columbian art of Ecuador, as hallmarks. It is the first embassy of Ecuador built with these features .

It also has green terraces, providing a bioclimatic and landscape function. Recycle rainwater (for irrigation and use of health services). Regulates the internal temperature with a minimum use of mechanical ventilation. Automatically manages the lighting.

The new embassy provides services to citizens. Military and police attachés and the Consulate are also included. Cultural, academic and social events will be held at the Central Auditorium open to the public.

During the opening event which was also on Colombia ‘s Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño, management highlighted by the Ambassador of Ecuador in Colombia, Raul Vallejo, who said, is the main driver of this work.

“It’s a reflection of the excellent relations between the two countries. That affection between our people because we are putting part of our heart. It is a simple and sincere gift that we put in Bogota for the love of the people and government of Ecuador for Colombia, “said the Minister.

“Part of the Citizen Revolution is environmental and urban revolution, and just deal with the construction of a society of Good Living”, the Chancellor referred after mentioning the environmental features of the building.

As part of this event, the Department of Environment of the Mayor of Bogotá, presented the award “Tigua Azul” to the building of the Ecuadorian Embassy in Colombia, under the Environmental Recognition Program Eco-efficient Buildings.