The II International Meeting of Quito concludes with the signing of the Action Plan on Human Mobility of Venezuelan citizens in the region

La II reunión internacional de Quito concluye con la firma del Plan de Acción sobre la movilidad humana de nacionalidad venezolanos en la región’
Foto oficial: ‘II Reunión internacional sobre la movilidad humana de ciudadanos venezolanos en las Américas’

Quito, November 23, 2018

The II International Meeting of Quito concluded today with the signing of the Action Plan on Human Mobility of Venezuelan citizens in the region. The countries that signed are Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

In the document, the representatives of the participating countries agreed to approve the Action Plan , as a follow-up to the “I Declaration of Quito”, signed in September 2018. It includes three areas: deepening the mechanisms of Venezuelan migration in the region; international financial cooperation and articulate with organisms of the international system that have relation and competence with migration and refuge issues.

Among the agreements is to strengthen the actions that facilitate human mobility of Venezuelans in the territories of the signatory countries; strengthen the migration and development initiatives that the countries of the region are implementing, for an adequate economic and social insertion. This includes migratory normalization processes according to the possibilities and legislation of each host country, with the support of the organizations of the United Nations System.

The attendees also expressed their approval of the presence of Guatemala and invited their government to adhere to the “Declaration of Quito” and its Action Plan. The same approach was made with the Dominican Republic, that has participated in the two meetings held in Quito.

In the case of Brazil, Mexico and Panama, in their capacity as subscribers of the Declaration of Quito, they were invited to adhere to their Plan of Action, as soon as possible.

On the other hand, they congratulated the appointment of Eduardo Stein, as Joint Special Representative of UNHCR and IOM , due to the situation of Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and expressed support for the tasks entrusted to them; in particular, the implementation of this Action Plan with the participation of specialized international organizations.

While the Ecuadorian Government thanked for continuing the Quito process and committed to hold the third international meeting, in March 2019.

“All the countries have actively participated with constructive ideas. The structure of the document proposed by the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry has been improved and the result is visible, ” mentioned the Vice Minister of Human Mobility, Santiago Chavez. He also highlighted Stein´s participation, and believes that he will play a leading role as an articulator of dialogues with the government of Venezuela, so that they adopt decisions to document their citizens who are migrating to different countries in the region.

The vice minister added that this issue cannot be dealt alone. “We believe that we will soon have a response from international financial organizations in relation to the resources with which they could contribute to the directly affected countries such as Ecuador to include Venezuelan citizens. “In this regard, he said that Ecuador requires around 550 million dollars, in the short and medium term, according to the quantification carried out. “This amount has to do with areas such as: health, education, housing and employment”.