Declaration of Quito on Human Mobility of Venezuelan citizens in the Region

The representatives of the Governments of the Republic of Argentina, the Federative Republic of Brazil, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Colombia, the Republic of Costa Rica, the Republic of Ecuador, the United Mexican States, the Republic of Panama, the Republic of Paraguay, the Republic of Peru and the Oriental Republic of Uruguay meeting on September 3 and 4, 2018, in the city of Quito, to exchange information and good practices with a view to articulate a regional coordination regarding the migratory crisis of Venezuelan citizens in the region, agree:

  1. To highlight the efforts undertaken by the governments of the region to adequately welcome Venezuelan citizens in situations of human mobility, especially those in vulnerable conditions, such as children and adolescents, the elderly, persons with disabilities and people suffering from serious illnesses , among others.
  2. To continue to work individually and cooperate according to each country it deems appropriate and timely, with the provision of humanitarian assistance. Access to regular residency mechanisms, including the consideration of migratory regularization processes; combat trafficking in persons and the smuggling of migrants; fight against sexual and gender violence; child protection; reject discrimination and xenophobia. Access to procedures for the determination of refugee status; and, in general, to continue working on the implementation of public policies aimed at protecting the human rights of all migrants in their respective countries, in accordance with national legislations and the applicable international and regional instruments.
  3. Recognize the importance of the technical and financial cooperation provided by the cooperating States and / or the specialized International Organizations, as appropriate, to assist in the national spaces of each State, the extraordinary and growing migratory flows of Venezuelan citizens in the region.
  4. Urge that such cooperation and resources should substantially increase, according to the requirements of the volume of people who have emigrated from Venezuela to other countries in the region, and address the prioritized sectors by each State, so that they may increase their actions and programs towards migratory regularization.
  5. Urge to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to give priority to make the necessary measures for the timely provision of identity and travel documents of its citizens. Providing priority to identity cards, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates and certificates of criminal records, as well as apostilles and legalization of documents required by its citizens.   In view of the fact that the lack of such documents has generated: limitations on the right to free movement and mobility, difficulties in immigration procedures, impediments to extra-regional circulation, effects on social and economic integration in the host countries and, on the contrary, it has encouraged irregular migration.
  6. In accordance with the national legislation of each country, to receive expired travel documents as identity documents of Venezuelan citizens for immigration purposes.
  7. Establish a regional program, with the support of the United Nations System, especially with the International Organization for Migration – IOM, for the timely exchange, through national competent agencies, of pertinent information of Venezuelan migrants, aimed at providing humanitarian aid and achieve an orderly and secure migration.
  8. Order that the States of the region coordinate efforts through the Organization of American States (OAS), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and other international organizations, to combat human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants, within the migratory flow of Venezuelan citizens and in accordance with the provisions of the relevant international instruments.
  9. To ratify the commitment of the States of the region in accordance with the availability of public resources, the economic reality, the internal regulations and the possibilities of each host country, to provide Venezuelan citizens in a situation of human mobility, access to public health and education services and opportunities in the labor market. Also, provide guaranteed access to justice systems.
  10. Recognize that a considerable volume of pendulum and in-transit migration requires regional support and cooperation to strengthen measures for Colombia, given its borderline condition with Venezuela, as well as for Ecuador and Peru, as this generates a migratory corridor towards these two countries.
  11. If necessary, strengthening legal procedures and administrative regulations of the States of the region to optimize the policies designed promoting and respecting the rights of Venezuelan migrants in transit and host countries.
  12. To ratify the commitments of the States of the region regarding the coordinated fight against discrimination, intolerance and xenophobia to implement within its possibilities, so that each country promotes initiatives and state efforts as well as individual and / or joint efforts, in that sense.
  13. They reiterate their concern about the serious deterioration of the internal situation caused by the massive migration of Venezuelans, addressed during this meeting, and call for the opening of a humanitarian assistance mechanism that will allow decompressing the critical situation, providing immediate attention to the origin of the citizens affected.
  14. The States agree to cooperate with each other to assist their fellow citizens and urge the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to accept the cooperation of the governments of the region and international organizations, in order to address the situation of their respective communities established in Venezuela.
  15. To agree to have a new meeting on Human Mobility focused on the critical situation of the extraordinary growing migratory flows of Venezuelan citizens for the second week of November, in the city of Quito, to follow up on the commitments in this Declaration.
  16. Strengthen the role of the Andean Community (CAN) and MERCOSUR to address, in a comprehensive and articulated manner, the massive flow of Venezuelan citizens and allow immediate action to address this humanitarian crisis of a humanitarian nature. Also, in the areas of the Regional Conference on Migration, and the South American Conference on Migration.
  17. Thank the participation of all the International Organizations present during this regional meeting.
  18. Special thanks to the Government of the Republic of Ecuador for the timely convening of the meeting and hospitality during this workday.

Quito, September 4, 2018.

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