Ecuadorian benefit from business training course in Sweden

The Embassy of Ecuador in Sweden reported that in Stockholm conducted the business training course called ” Start Your Own Business II ” , set in the so-called “Action Ecuador III – 2013 ” , which is the education informal program that this Diplomatic mission started last year.

The course is complementary to that was held last October and, consequently , the 30 selected compatriots were those who participated in the first stage of training.

The Ambassador of Ecuador in Sweden, Mario Guerrero , said the program meets the constitutional mandate is clear from Article 40, by the diplomatic missions are committed to safeguarding the rights of compatriots abroad , which implies , among others, the specific commitment to contribute with concrete to increase capacity and qualification of Ecuadorian migrants , with a view of opening new opportunities for access to employment benefits actions. The course was held by the specialist consultancy  ” Ultranet Utbildning “.

With this vision , the course sponsored by the Embassy particularly addressed issues of practical nature and, accordingly , participants strategic information was provided on various programs to support small business offered by ” Arbetsförmedling ” State agency specializing in employment were identified various funding opportunities offered by the public company ” Almi ” , and analyzed , in the form of workshop , the advantages and disadvantages of different types of small business.

As the tax issue is  a particular complex issue in Sweden, was analyzed in detail together with other related issues, such as planning for the efficient use of funds and compliance with social obligations. Labor legislation was also studied in its fundamental aspects ( hiring, firing and workers’ rights ) , and complementary topics were addressed particularly useful in the field of tendering service , marketing and “networking” .