Ecuador and Dominica strengthen education and agriculture cooperation

Ecuador y Dominica fortalecen cooperación en el ámbito educativo y agrícola

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño met with the Foreign Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Francine Baron and the OAS Permanent Representative of that country, Hubert Charles. During the meeting they discussed issues of interest to both countries in bilateral and regional levels.

During this meeting, Foreign Minister Patiño said that Dominica and other countries in Central America and the Caribbean are currently working in close cooperation known as South-South. In this context, he recalled that on June 24, 2009 the Agreement for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Ecuador and Dominica during the VI Extraordinary Summit of the ALBA convened to formalize the accession of Ecuador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as well as Antigua and Barbuda.

At the meeting on Monday April 13, Patiño said that educational cooperation is being negotiated in the draft of the Learning English Language Program Teacher Go, which allow the Ecuadorian teachers to be trained in that country. ” Ecuador has decided to train rigorously for English teachers who teach this language in schools and colleges”, he said.

He also said that with the Caribbean countries and ALBA has agreed to Ecuadorian students can be trained in the English language, but also that they are going to be in contact with a new culture.

The Foreign minister explained that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGAP), sent a technical delegation to Dominica between September 26 and 29, 2014, responsible for cooperating with the technical assistance for the development of program management of sigatoka (disease found in banana crops).

On the other hand, Ecuador offered support to Dominica on issues related to public policy. “Bilateral and multilateral relationship does not remain only on ceremonial statements, but on specific issues that benefit our peoples”.

The Foreign minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Francine Baron, on her first official visit to Ecuador, emphasized that the main objective is to strengthen relations between the two countries in political, cultural, education, tourism, among others.