Ecuador and Colombia Foreign Ministers meet in Bogotá to assess progress of the Bi-national agenda

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño, arrived at 0930 to Palacio de San Carlos to meet with Colombian Foreign Minister, Maria Angela Holguin in order to review the progress of the bilateral agenda. The event takes place in the framework of the Bi-national Cabinet to be held on Monday 25 November in the Colombian city of Ipiales.

The foreign ministers of Ecuador and Colombia held the II Bi-national Cabinet to be chaired by the Presidents Rafael Correa and Juan Manuel Santos and the Ministerial meeting on Saturday 23 which took  place in the Colombian capital.

“We’re happy you’re here and see the achievements for the second Cabinet”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, Maria Angela Holguin, to welcome the Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño and the Ecuadorian delegation.

“The second Bi-national Cabinet encourages us. We are very excited and we know that it will continue. I think that we build a bi-national and Latin American citizenship based on the extraordinary relationship that we have as a country, as a government and as friends”, said Minister Patiño.

The Minister also highlighted the opening of the new international bridge, Rumichaca, which he described as a symbol of what can be achieved when there are such as close, cordial and friendly as those with Ecuador and Colombia relations.

The Ministerial meeting the results of the preparatory meeting of the technical working groups on Security and Defense, Infrastructure and Connectivity, border environmental issues, social and cultural, economic and trade issues will also be reviewed.