Crisis between Israel and Palestine: Ecuador strongly condemns acts of violence and calls for peace in the region

Comunicado Oficial

The Government of Ecuador regrets that calls for the cessation of hostilities have been unsuccessful in Israel and Palestine and is deeply shocked by the number of civilians killed and injured in the last three days.

In this regard, the Government reiterates the position already expressed in the Official Report published on July 8, and considers essential to clarify the crimes that led to the escalation of violence and bring those responsible to justice. Also renews its call to all parties involved at the end of the fighting, full respect of international humanitarian law and human rights. The Government of Ecuador reiterates that constructive and committed to finding lasting solutions dialogue is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace in the Middle East”.

The Government of Ecuador strongly condemns the disproportionate military operations by the Israeli army against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, which have left more than a hundred deaths and considerable damage to property and civil infrastructure, demands an immediate cessation of these aggressions against the Palestinian civilian population and called the State of Israel to exercise maximum restraint and act in accordance to international law and humanitarian law.