Chilean politician supports Ecuador in the Chevron-Texaco case

The Socialist Chilean politician and academic, Roberto Pizarro, in the framework of his visit to Ecuador, met with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Ricardo Patiño, on Tuesday November 26 in Quito, which expressed solidarity their country against the aggression to the environment by the transnational Chevron.

Roberto Pizarro is an economist, academic, consultant and Chilean socialist politician, he is in Ecuador to publicize the actions undertaken by Chile in support of Ecuador’s campaign “The dirty hand of Chevron- Texaco”. This Transnational corporation that was nearly three decades in the Ecuadorian Amazon and triggered a large-scale pollution .

Pizarro, who heads the campaign “The Dirty Hand of Chevron-Texaco” in Chile, reiterated that community organizations, social and student movements, in an act of solidarity ethics, politics, dignity and sovereignty, expressing his conviction for Chevron, company that caused environmental and social damage in Ecuador.

In days gone by the Chilean politician also met with the Chairman of the Committee on Biodiversity  from the National Assembly, Carlos Viteri Gualinga.