9 resident Ambassadors and 8 concurrent Ambassadors presented their credential letters at Carondelet

9 embajadores residentes y 8 concurrentes presentaron sus cartas credenciales en Carondelet

The delivery of credentials from eight resident ambassadors and nine concurrent ambassadors was held at the Carondelet Palace, with the presence of the President in office, Jorge Glas. The ceremony began at 15:00 today September 28 and was characterized by a protocol in which the Ecuadorian national anthem was played before and after each country was played.

The first was Alexis Rodriguez Gonzalez by Republic of Panama, who at 15:00,was present at the formal act in the Yellow Room. Later it was the turn of Fernando Serna, new ambassador of Colombia; then the ambassador of Bolivia, Juan Ruiz Jurado and Ambassador of Canada, Marianick Tremblay.

Also the ambassadors of China, Wang Yulin; Egypt, Abdelmoneim Oma Abdelmoneim; Saharawi Arab Republic, Alisalem Sidi Zein; Guatemala, Gloria Pensabene Gomar deTroche and Brazil, Carlos Lazari Teixeira.

The concurrent ambassadors of Jordan, Malek Twai; Serbia, Veljko Lazic; European Union, Ana Paula Zacharias; Iceland, Sturia Sigurjonsson; Mauritania, Abdellah i Bah Nagi Kebd; Sri Lanka, Sarath Dissanayake; and the Netherlands, Wlabe Jakob De Boer also presented their credential letters. In the morning they gave a copy of their credentials at the chancellery.