Ecuador reaffirms its commitment in defense of human rights, freedom and the life of Julian Assange

Official Statement

Due to the decision of the Stockholm District Court that upholds the arrest warrant against Julian Assange, the Government of Ecuador states the following:

Faithful to its long tradition defense of human rights, particularly those of the victims of political persecution, Ecuador reaffirms its commitment to safeguard human rights, freedom and life of the citizen Julian Assange.

The Government of Ecuador also renews the validity of the asylum granted to Julian Assange almost two years ago, and reaffirms its intention of maintaining its validity the time that is necessary, until Julian Assange arrives at a safe place.

The Ecuadorian Government reaffirms its offer of judicial cooperation to the Kingdom of Sweden, to reach a prompt solution to the case. In this sense Ecuador keeps its invitation to judicial officers visit the London Embassy so that Julian Assange can be interviewed or via videoconference. Both possibilities are explicitly referred in the current procedural legislation in Sweden and the European Union.